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Christina sing-a-long

Tweet Yes, that is right…at 12:35am Rodolfo and I are singing our little hearts out to Christina Aguilera. The best part is that he apparently doesn’t like the newer songs (from the CD Back to Basics, which objectively is some damn good music) because his little middle school-esque heart knows all the words to songs […]

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Sweet sweet vacation

Tweet Since Needish is such a fab place to work, we are getting vacation starting tomorrow until January 2! Almost 2 weeks! Considering I had no idea how vacation time would work when I started here, I am definitely a happy girl. I like my job, but I clearly prefer not working, especially over Christmas […]

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All by myself

Tweet Rodolfo took off yesterday for Iquique (24 hrs north by bus) to go to some history conference/party on the beach with all his friends to celebrate finishing school. I, of course, have to stay here in Santiago to work, so I’m all alone this week! I definitely miss him, and it was weird being […]

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