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Bits and bobs

Tweet – Didn´t mention last time that I met potential new friends! Kyle and I found each other through the magic of the internet, and I met up with her and some other fun girls on Tuesday night. Out of the five of us, four are here for men – two of the girls are […]

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More Chilean every day

Tweet Technically, the title of this post is probably a lie. I am, in fact, still very much a gringa, as evinced by my refusal to drink disgusting sugar water labeled as “juice”, opposition to cigarette smoke in my apartment and, of course, my height. I had to learn how to say my height in […]

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On vacation

Tweet Haven´t been posting because Rodolfo and I have been far too busy enjoying the great outdoors in Pucón. Today we´re off for a night in Valdivia, but we´ll be back in Santiago on Saturday morning, and updates will follow!

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