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Tweet That’s how I feel. Having Kara here has of course been lots of fun, but it’s made for some late nights. Every morning this week has been a complete battle to force myself out of bed, and there’s no real sign of a good night’s sleep anywhere in the near future. Tomorrow we have […]

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Apparently posting once a week is my new thing

Tweet And I don’t really like it. I have things to say! And I like to pretend that I have people out there who want to hear them. For the next two weeks though, I will probably be somewhat lax on the blogging front because I am busy playing host to two good friends. Kara’s […]

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Week in review

Tweet Posting twice in one day! Rodolfo´s at a handball meeting for a while, so I´m on my own here. I´m now wishing he´d remembered to tell me about it this morning/that I´d called before leaving work since we decided to have a spur-of-the-moment happy hour that I didn´t participate in because I thought my […]

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