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Customer “service”

Tweet Such adventures in customer “service” this weekend! It started, strangely enough, with my US bank deciding my ATM card was a victim of fraud. I used it for my first purchase during our 7-hour mall stint, and then it proceeded to get rejected twice until I just figured things out and didn’t try using […]

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Tweet Did I not post about fall approximately 2 seconds ago? Well whatever season it may be – I am from California, I don’t know about these things – it’s rainy and cold. Today is actually quite pretty, from underneath my many layers, since the rain always clears the smog out of the city and […]

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You don’t speak Spanish?

Tweet Wrote this last night with no internet at home, so it’s time to post! First of all, to clear up this loose end: The wedding I went to a couple weeks ago was very different for me. It being a Catholic wedding, the guests stayed standing FOREVER (if someone’s Catholic and this isn’t typical, […]

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