It seems as though the seasons have definitely changed here in Santiago. Over the past couple weeks it’s still been hot during the day, but the nights have gotten colder, and this weekend has definitely not been summer-like. Rodolfo and I went to Curicó on Friday night to visit his extended family, and traveling 3 hours to the south really makes a difference in the temperature! Yesterday was bright and clear but COLD, and I was glad I’d brought my winter coat, even if it did seem like it might be overkill while I was packing. The real reason we went to Curicó was that we had to go to San Fernando last night for my co-worker’s wedding, so we went a little farther south and had some family time as well. Last night we left Curicó around 7pm to take the bus to San Fernando, and when we got there a little after 8 it was even colder. I really don’t think I could live in a cold climate, at least not with the wardrobe I have! Thank god leggings are still fashionable (in my world they are, ok?) because I cannot imagine last night without them – all of us girls definitely needed leggings under our dresses to avoid freezing. Even inside the church and the restaurant it was really cold, I kept my coat on most of the time as did everyone else. Central heating has not come to most of Chile.

Today has been another sunny but cold day, so it looks as though we’re moving into fall. I am somewhat dreading this, as Santiago goes all grey and smoggy and awful in the winter and sort of makes you feel like the depressing-ness of it all is slowly sucking your soul out, and that if you could just see the mountains that you know are RIGHTTHERE it would be ok, but the smog and cloud are so thick that you can’t even catch a glimpse of them, and the bus windows fog up so you can’t see out anyway. Not that I have been traumatized by the Santiaguino winter or anything. But having had one day of rain since this time last year – whenever it last rained in LA before I moved to Chile in September – I am beginning to see that even for my sun-loving self variety may in fact be the spice of life. This year I am better prepared: I know that I need to actually buy winter clothes rather than just layering all my lightweight stuff until I have the range of motion of a marshmallow and appearance of a child who got dressed in the dark. I know that it will be dark, and cold, and that I will need to eat like 5 times a day because every instinct is telling me to hoard up, and that because of this I will gain weight (which you won’t be able to see through the layers of clothing) and that I should probably pre-emptively join a gym quite soon. I know that my nose will freeze, as will my ears, and that I will think that my toes will never again get warm even though I am wearing UGGs. But I also now know that it will pass! It will get hot, and sweaty, and I will forget that winter is so horribly awful and wish for things to cool off a bit. So I think I’m going to be ok.

More on the wedding itself later – very different experience for me, it being both Catholic and Chilean – but now I must wake my sleeping boyfriend and head off to my host sister’s birthday party!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    tell your bf not to sleep so much.

  2. We have some weird coincidences going on lately – I just got back from a Brazilian wedding and the weather has been on my mind (blog) too. :)

    I envy the you’re cold weather, although it is cooler and cloudy today. I’m loving it!

  3. Sorry, meant your cold weather, not you are cold weather. Ha! I need grammar check on this thing!

  4. Leggings are definitely fashionable so do not fret :) I have 6 pairs!

    I know, I too am DREADING my first Santiago winter, mainly because everyone has warned me about it. Will have to get all my warm woolen stuff shipped over pronto.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jessi says:

    Hi, my name is Jessica, and I’m actually living in Santiago this winter, June-August, and would love any of your advice, from food shopping, to bars, to where you took that free yoga class. :) I just graduated from NYU and am taking a year off from med school, living in a few different places, like Chile, India, and a few countries in Africa. Thanks so much! Love your blog.

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