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I feel like I am now an official blogger, since Tamsin has tagged me in a meme. Fun! So apparently I answer some questions, then tag 5 other people. Let’s go.

What was I doing ten years ago?
Umm, being a 7th grader? Not very much to report there! I was still a fatty (I was suuuuch a fat baby, and it took me a while to lose that!) with braces although I think I’d lost the glasses in favor of contacts by that time. Horseback riding, which I miss, and going to school took up most of my time. Sorry, not all that exciting.

5 snacks I enjoy
I kind of go through obsessive phases with snacks. When I studied in Chile, I loooooved peanuts and sultanas. On that note, is sultanas a word we use in the US? yellow raisins? It’s one of my few British words. Anyway, snacks…last year I went through a 100-calorie pack phase, and now I’m totally over them. But five permanent snacks would probably safely be:
cheese and crackers
dried fruit (haven’t had forever, must buy)
quesadillas (ditto)
whatever’s leftover in the fridge!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Travel like crazy to allllll the places I want to go, and bring along Rodolfo, friends, and family. After the traveling, get a dog because we’d have a house with a yard. Buy an amazing house in San Francisco for a while, then somewhere more family-oriented in the Bay Area, not immediately but as soon as we wanted to go back to the US. Oh, and the house would have a double shower and walk-in closet because those two things feature prominently in my dream house. Invest in “good” projects and companies, which in my mind means green, sustainable, and otherwise good-deed related projects having to do with everything from education to healthcare. This, by the way, is my latest life passion, so some day I may go back to school to learn more about finance and how to evaluate these projects from a financial point of view as well as just my own personal opinion on the project itself!

5 jobs I’ve had
Have I had 5 jobs? Let’s think…first was ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins, secretary for my aunt’s toy company, broker’s assistant at Cannon, and now general mayhem and head translator at Needish. No, those are not my actual job titles. So if we count babysitting and French/Spanish tutoring, that’s six!

3 bad habits
Not flossing and using mouthwash nearly as much as I should
Not putting away my clothes…I sort of consider the floor by my side of the bed to be an appropriate resting place for them
Not keeping up with housework. Thank you, god, for my wonderful boyfriend who gently reminds me that if I could help him out a bit more he’d appreciate it but never gets angry with me for being such a hopeless housewife.

5 places I have lived
Maidenhead, UK
Los Altos, CA
Crewe, UK (Sometimes I lie about this. Crewe is not a nice place, but it was cheap and close to my sister. Now my dad has a nice house in a nicer place even closer to her, and I no longer have to lie and vaguely say “mmm, close to Macclesfield”)
Los Angeles, CA
Santiago, Chile

5 people I want to know more about

I agree with Tamsin, this is a stupid question, so I’m going to use her replacement question. Feel free to change this one as you please.

5 favorite things about living in Chile
The view of the Andes from my balcony, fresh bread at every supermarket so it always smells yummy, asados (barbeques, but they’re not the same as in the US), shopping at the Vega, street dogs that tag along and make you feel like they want to be your friends
Plus of course Rodolfo, his family, my host family, my co-workers, and lots of various food items.

Alright, now who to tag? How about
Blondie in Brazil
Confessions of the Pink Obsessed
And I think technically there should be another, but the people who I “know” well enough that I wouldn’t feel like a toooootal creeper tagging them have already been tagged. I am a blogging newbie, please be kind.

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