I know the suspense is killing you

Here, as promised, are a couple updates. First, there are no photos of the bed yet because the bedroom is messy right now, so they will have to wait for another day. For now, just know that Rodolfo’s reaction upon seeing everything all set up on the first day was “honey look, it’s like we live in a hotel!” It’s really very pretty, and my latest quest is finding cool bedside lamps.

Justin’s visit was somewhat of a blur since he was only here 6 days, but we managed to have a good time and hit up some of our favorite spots. Now the visitors are over for a bit, although Ori has promised to come over from Buenos Aires in May. Clearly having people come halfway across the world to see us was amazing, but it is nice to have a bit of downtime now. Being entertaining all the time is hard work! Now we can go back to our usual boring but happy selves.

Gringa night on Saturday was a blast. When you live abroad and meet people from your home country or who speak your same language, you sort of cluster together in recognition of shared culture. That doesn’t, however, mean that you necessarily have anything in common or would ever be friends back home. I liken it to those first few weeks in college, when you are instant best friends with basically anyone you talk to, only to later realize that you share no interests with these people and that as time goes on you’re starting to make friends you actually like. That in mind, I was excited to meet these girls and their relevant Chileans, but I also wasn’t going into it thinking I would have 5 new BFFs. Long story short: they are all way cool. Other than Kyle, I hadn’t met anyone before, and while clearly a first impression doesn’t tell you everything about someone, I am looking forward to getting to know all of them better. We met on Kyle’s rooftop, which was the perfect start to the evening. Everyone mingled and chatted with everyone, and the night was one of those fall nights where it’s still warm enough to comfortably by outside enjoying the view. We had to get to the bar by 12, which sounds really late when you say “let’s meet at 9″, but this being Chile and a big group of people, we ended up leaving at the last minute and just barely making it before getting charged cover.

The bar itself was cool, a big nicely decorated space with a rooftop terrace where we managed to snag a table. Many Chilean bars are hole-in-the-wall type places where you’re more likely to order a liter of beer than a cosmopolitan, so it was nice to glam it up for a night. I would go again, especially for a happy hour on the outside terrace…I am still a California girl at heart, and the cigarette smoking is never going to be 100% ok with me. It was much more like an LA bar than a Chilean bar in terms of both the place itself and the look of people who were there. Good looking people with cute, trendy clothes means rich Chileans. I have no idea how much drinks were because I just stole from Rodolfo all night, but I’d imagine they weren’t cheap, ditto the food, although the 1am onion quiche that Joanne got was pretty damn delicious. The most fun part really was the conversation. I know I’ve focused on the girls so far, but the guys were all cool too. We girls are currently planning a book exchange – crucial when you live in a non-English-speaking country with a ridiculously high book tax! – and I am definitely looking forward to it! Yay gringa friends!

Now for the good news: I am going to be home for the entire month of July! As previously mentioned, my friend is getting married at the beginning of August, so I e-mailed my boss to ask for a Friday and Monday off in order to go home super quick for the wedding. This would have been in addition to my week in CA at the beginning of July. Because I have the coolest bosses EVER, it turns out that in order to avoid traveling twice I’m just going to work there for the month, since one of my bosses is already living there to get the ball rolling in the US. Yes, it’s still work, but it’s work where I get to spend nights and weekends seeing people I love. I cannot freaking wait.

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  1. YAY!!! Such good news on being able to work from the U.S. while you’re there :)

    You’re so right on with the fact that people think since you’re all expats living in the same country with Chilean husbands that you’ll automatically have a lot in common, but that’s not necessarily the case. I think we’re lucky to have found a good group who all clicks.

    That being said, I’m so pumped for the book exchange thingy too!!!

    talk to you soon!

  2. That is so great about the book exchange! I know what you mean about needing reading material when in a non-English speaking place. That is the bummer about living in such a small town here, there are only a few expats and they are all on a high school exchange and about 12 years younger than me!

    We still have a mailbox at home and I’ve suscribed to a zillion mags sinces moving here. We get the mail about once a month from my husband’s company and it is the best day of the month for me. It is so exciting to have new reading material!

    Great news about your trip to the states! I’m headed back for a month in May and it can’t come soon enough.

  3. amber says:

    that is excellent news! :)

    i hope at least a couple of the gringas turn out to be super cool chicks. i’m sure it’d make the tough days out there easier to deal with.

  4. Maeskizzle says:

    I agree, the gringa evening at Catedral was quite fun. I hope everyone enjoyed the book exchange. Sorry I couldn’t make it : ( though I hope to get in on the next get-together.

    I didn’t realize Joanne was the one who ordered the quiche at Catedral. That was the best quiche I’ve eaten in my life. Good move.

    Hopefully more good times will stumble across our paths. Maybe we could go to a club next time..with a reggaeton marathon. Haha, just kidding about that last part. We accidently did that once and OD’d on reggaeton.

  5. kate says:

    I just now read this!! (I know, I disappeared from the blog-world for a while; being a second semester senior will do that to you, but I’m back now.) I’m so excited you’re coming back for July! We’ll definitely have to hang out, and I want to hear more fun stories!

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