Did I not post about fall approximately 2 seconds ago? Well whatever season it may be – I am from California, I don’t know about these things – it’s rainy and cold. Today is actually quite pretty, from underneath my many layers, since the rain always clears the smog out of the city and dumps snow on the mountains. Plus since it’s still cloudy, the Andes are all misty, and when the sun comes out from behind a cloud it makes me not hate winter quite as much. Luckily Rodolfo and I decided that rather than going hiking on Saturday – grey, cloudy, cold Saturday – we should go to the mall. We spent seven hours there, which is frankly just ridiculous, but we got some great cold-weather clothes for me. I still need some basics like a raincoat, leggings and undershirts (eww, I hate that it will be cold enough for these things to be necessary) as well as boots (I do not hate that it is cold enough to warrant new shoes!), but so far I have not frozen either yesterday or today, and I have had actual outfits! Like proper, layered grown up clothes rather than frantic attempts to stave off hypothermia by covering myself in random combinations. I’m not quite Little Miss Fashion, but I’m also not the fashion disaster winter usually creates. I even bought a purple sweater and have colored tights on the wishlist, so I am taking cues from people far more fashionable than I and trying to really take advantage of this opportunity to buy new things.

This weekend we were offline, thanks to our neighbor. We don’t have our own internet since it’s really expensive, and in our apartment we always get a clear signal from the apartment below us, so we just pay our downstairs neighbor half of the internet cost in return for her giving us the network key. Works out well until last week, when it just stopped. We talked to her to see if she was having a problem as well, and we think she may have just not paid her bill. Umm, paying is not optional, despite what many people in our building seem to think when they just don’t pay their building dues month after month. She had some story about how she’d paid, but had to show the “papel de pago,” and then said she was thinking about switching companies and wasn’t going to get wireless (which would be dumb for her since then obviously we would stop sharing the cost!), then later in the same conversation said of course she’d get wireless. She’s very nice but if this problem doesn’t get resolved quickly we may have to look at actually getting our own internet, which would be a hassle. Luckily it hasn’t been a huge problem for me, but it’s inconvenient for Rodolfo and meant that I had a lot of e-mails to catch up on this morning! Tonight I’m off to hopefully join a gym to stave off the effects of winter, when my body decides it must consume as many calories as possible. Stay tuned for tales of customer “service” both in Chile and the US…yes, it was just as fun as it sounds!

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  1. Jessica says:

    hey Emily! i ran across your blog the other day, and it seems every day i’m finding more blogs from “gringas” who are dating or married to Chileans… which is really cool, because i’m also a gringa dating a Chilean guy :) so it’s good to know there are a bunch of us out there! anyway, just wanted to say i enjoy reading your blog, and hopefully when i move back to Santiago in a few months we can meet up or something, b/c it would definitely be good to have some fellow gringa friends down there! Cuidate, chau!


  2. I’m still jealous of your winter, but I understand your lack of desire considering it isn’t your thing. :) The mountains sound awesome though.

    At least you get new clothes out of the deal. You’ll be looking stylish even if you are freezing your ace off!

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