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Slight leave of absence

Tweet Taking a break from blogging until this weekend since work has been sort of crazy, I’ve been sick and now my friend Ori is here. I feel like if I get home at 8pm and go to bed before 12 – I would normally say what the hell and just stay up late for […]

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Rain, rain, go away

Tweet Santiago has been very wet over the past few days, which on one hand is bad because rain is gross but on the other hand is good because rain is less gross than smog. Rain clears out the smog that blankets the city throughout the winter, and leaves a pretty snow-covered mountain range that […]

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El jogo bonito

Tweet Football, soccer, whatever you want to call it is BIG in Chile, as is most of Latin America and – if we’re realistic – the world outside of the US. The UEFA Championship final is currently on TV, and Man U and Chelsea are duking it out. I, as the resident Brit, should theoretically […]

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