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The gym

Tweet Today’s topic may seem boring: the gym. You go, you sweat, what else is there to say? Clearly you have never been to MY gym, the Pacific Club on Manuel Montt. Now, before joining any gym, I did some research. I found 3 reasonably close to either work or home and checked their prices, […]

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Getting back on the horse

Tweet So, it’s been a while. And let’s face it, even my latest posts have been little more than puppies and pictures, nothing too substantial and definitely nothing about Chile. It hasn’t just been the blog getting pushed out of the way – the general work-life balance has been a bit skewed lately, which is […]

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The grand debut

Tweet Here she is! We’re not cruel dog owners, Lola just likes being inside things She and her dad climbed Cerro San Cristobal – it’s a big hill for a little dog! My two loves with a great view of Santiago

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