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Gas is not too expensive

Tweet There, I said it. Let me elaborate. Gas has more than quadrupled in price since I first got my car, a Honda Civic. I have definitely felt the impact at the pump – I used to get change from a $20 and now spend over $60 to fill up my 12-gallon tank. I do […]

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Weekend retreat

Tweet Do you have a place that’s just totally relaxing to you? A place where time kind of stands still, and you just are? Mine is my godmother’s house in LA. I know, LA doesn’t necessarily sound like your typical get-away-from-it-all destination, but this house is a gorgeous, comfortable hide-away with the kind of garden […]

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Date night

Tweet This week has been kind of a grind, although I can’t really figure out why. Work’s been relatively relaxed, but I just haven’t really gotten my act together to get a bunch of to-do’s taken care of, plus I’ve been trying to figure out squeezing in various people during my last week here, and […]

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