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Life goes on

Tweet This is a lesson that I knew well before, but knowing it doesn’t always make getting out of bed any easier in the days following something awful. Thank all of you for your kind comments, even people who’ve never read my blog before had some really heart-felt, eloquent things to say that made the […]

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Worst birthday ever

Tweet Today could be called that. Alternatively, it could be called the day after my apartment got broken into and stuff got stolen. Pick your favorite, they’re both accurate although the second description does have more detail. I refuse to say that I’m “thankful” they didn’t take more. I am not fucking thankful that some […]

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Group post: Chilean men

Tweet We’re trying something new here in blogland, at least in the Chilean part of blogland. We’re all posting on one broad topic at the same time to get an idea of different perspectives. It was Heather’s idea, Kyle helped make it happen and has links to all the other posts (go check them out!), […]

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