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Group post: What Chileans think of gringos

Tweet Oh, now this topic sounds like it’s just asking for stereotypes, now doesn’t it? What scary blanket generalizations will we well-intentioned yet obviously not Chilean gringa bloggers come up with? Well I can’t, obviously, explain to you what every Chilean thinks about every gringo any more than I can do the reverse. But I’ve […]

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Food, glorious food

Tweet In an attempt to “broaden my horizons,” “live outside my comfort zone” and “become a better person” I have decided to set a new goal: cook a new recipe once a week. I freaking love food blogs, plus I have a bunch of my mom’s classic recipes AND three cookbooks at home, yet I […]

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Dieciocho en Chile

Tweet If you follow any other Chile blogs (and if you don’t, why not check out my blog roll?) you’ve probably already figured out that this past weekend was full of celebration here in Chile. September 18th is celebrated as “Fiestas Patrias,” which basically translates into “patriotic parties”. It’s often referred to as Chile’s independence […]

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