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Write to Marry Day – NO on Prop 8

Tweet Over at Mombian they’re calling today “Write to Marry Day”. Now let me just say that I had never before heard of Mombian – got the tip from Clare – and all I know is that their tagline says it’s for lesbian moms. I am neither a lesbian nor a mom, but that doesn’t […]

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Group post: Racism/Classism in Chile

Tweet It’s that time again! From the looks of it either people are busy this weekend or the topic hasn’t inspired too many, but there are several people who’ve already posted about racism and classism in Chile. To sum up Chileans’ attitude to these two “-isms”, most people would say that there is little to […]

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Tweet Let me just say that this isn’t the cool kind of blogger giveaway, where I have become such an authority on whatever it is that I write about that a company has contacted me to try to get publicity. HA, no. I am definitely not at that level, although if any company out there […]

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