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Vacation time!

Tweet So it’s official: I’m on vacation until January 12. AMAZING. As I’ve mentioned, Rodolfo and I are off to England for 3 weeks to see my dad and various other characters, including my Chilean host sister who’s currently in France and spending the holidays with us. And to eat delicious English food (it gets […]

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Kitchen update

Tweet A while ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start cooking new recipes more often. I was sort of in a culinary rut, with pasta featuring prominently on our menu more frequently than I found interesting. I definitely did not follow my plan of how to achieve this goal, nor have I cooked a […]

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Going home

Tweet Last night Rodolfo and I went to Emma’s despedida (I link to her because she has promised to start blogging again, although clearly she will no longer be Emita in Chile). She’s headed back to the US, and it’s got me thinking about the concept of home. Most of my thoughts hold true no […]

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