Beach weekend: Quintero

Last weekend Rodolfo and I got the hell out of Dodge and headed to the beach. It was just what I needed after a tough and tiring week, and I enjoyed every relaxing minute of it. A friend has a house in Quintero, somewhere I’d never been before. Chile is full of plenty of little beach towns where you can get away from it all, not surprisingly for a country that’s almost all coast, and luckily Quintero is only 2 hours from Santiago.

On Saturday we drove further up the coast to go to Playa CauCau in Horcón. This beach is accessed by a “staircase” which should actually be referred to as “hillside strewn with logs that used to be steps and are now just obstacles.” Lola ran up and down the thing multiple times encouraging everyone as the rest of us slipped and slid our way down. The beach itself was worth the climb – not too many people, big, gorgeous. We even ran into some other friends from Santiago who’d had the same idea! Sunday we stayed in Quintero and went to Playa Las Conchitas and another beach in the afternoon. We tried to go to Ritoque and did actually make it, but even the amazing view of the almost circular bay couldn’t make up for the ridiculous winds. When I lie out I want to get tan, not attacked by sand dunes.

Going to the beach in Chile just makes me want to eat cheese and shrimp (and scallop, and crab) empanadas. They were a major food group for us all weekend, along with the obligatory carne for our asado. We had some pretty decent empanadas right on the caleta in Horcón, but the best, BEST empanadas I have ever had come from the dubiously-named “El Hoyo” in Quintero. It’s somewhere downtown, couldn’t tell you where, but if you’re there you should go find it. Fried empanadas (as opposed to baked) aren’t usually my thing, but these were delicious and not too greasy, and the seafood was just so fresh. Mmmm. Of course the best part was watching Lola play. Last time we went to the beach she wasn’t a fan, but this time she jumped right in. She also played frisbee, climbed rocks and dug in the sand. What more could a pup ask for?

Chilling under the umbrella…little princess that she is, we made sure she had shade and water while we roasted in the sun and drank sparingly to save the H2O for her.

Click to enlarge and then just try to tell me that isn’t the leap of a happy dog!

4 Responses to “Beach weekend: Quintero”

  1. that last picture of Lola is the BEST! I can’t wait to take her back with Papi to the beach, YAY, now Lola likes it!!!!!!

  2. Clare says:

    Yea. Very cute, happy dog. It is hard to get pictures that are that animated considering your subject won’t give you a re-do just because you missed the shot.

  3. ljk says:

    It looks like a great visit! Makes me want to go to the beach now. :-)

    Hmm…food related verification “caperes…” 😉

  4. amber says:

    lola is so cute! she looks thrilled to be out there playing in the sand and sun!

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