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Some thoughts on the recession

Tweet I don’t pretend to be up on all the details of the economic crisis. From talking to friends who are in the US – a couple of them in the unenviable position of looking for jobs – I know that it’s a scary, uncertain time for a lot of people. While we were in […]

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The case of the missing sports bras

Tweet There’s something that’s been bothering me lately. There are no sports bras in Chile. WTF? Now, I luckily have sports bras from home. But a couple of them have seen better days, so I started keeping an eye out a couple months ago to see if I found any potential replacements. I first looked […]

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Getting back on the bike

Tweet I don’t really bike. Despite the fact that my boyfriend works for a bike tour company and has been on many a biking vacation, he’s only managed to get me to join him twice. The first time was a total disaster, the second time was hard but worth it. I’ve never taken him up […]

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