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The end of an era

Tweet Today is my last day of work at Needish. It was a hard decision to make. I love working where I have for the past year and a half. The minor perks include wearing jeans and bringing my dog to the office, and even those are pretty attractive if you ask me. The more […]

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Para Oscar/For Oscar

Tweet Mi primer post bilingue/My first bilingual post (scroll down for English) Ayer recibí un comentario de un tal Oscar. Normalmente respondo a los comentarios con mi propio comentario, pero Oscar – persona que nunca antes ha comentado en este blog – sacó unos temas que para mi son importantes. Aquí va mi repuesta. “Well, […]

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Restoring my faith in humanity

Tweet After last weekend, I was a little fed up with people. There are some pretty crappy ones out there, and unfortunately a lot of the time they seem to make a larger impact than those of us who try our best to be generally good human beings. It didn’t help that on Monday morning, […]

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