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Group post: Travel story

Tweet I’m a little behind in contributing to our latest group post. This time around, we’re each telling a travel story. It doesn’t have to be Chile-related, and the stories that other bloggers have shared have all been really different. I’m one of the few whose story actually is about Chile. I first came to […]

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Photo finish

Tweet HA. My half-marathon was anything but a photo finish…let’s just say that the fastest woman full marathon runner finished in less time than it took me to do half. But I am still damn proud of myself, and I’ve even started thinking about going for a run again now that I’ve finished my entire […]

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The new job

Tweet I haven't really had a chance to talk about how the new job is going. I'm not going to go into details about where I work or what I do, but considering that a large portion of my life is spent in the office I suppose I may as well give a brief update […]

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