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Pigs are flying in Chile – and I don’t mean swine flu

Tweet I usually join in the general lament that Chile’s customer service is poor at best and nonexistent at worst. Sure, I’ve been surprised a time or two, but generally I think of the US as the land of wonderful customer service and a place from which Chile could learn a lot. But lately it’s […]

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Stitches and scar

Tweet If you are completely uninterested in pictures of my chin, I won’t be offended if you leave now. I wasn’t necessarily planning on sharing the height of my narcissm with the world, but since a certain Kyle Hepp asked for it, I figure I might as well. Besides I now have a cultural story […]

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Some things don’t translate

Tweet This was going to be a post with a picture of my stitches because yes, I did take a picture or two or ok, maybe like five while waiting in the ER. Nobody saw me, that makes it better, right? Anyway, it’s not about stitches because my boyfriend is currently at the George Clinton […]

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