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Going going back back to Chile Chile

Tweet LAME post title, sorry. But since I should be packing and am just getting in some final procrastination, I didn’t have time to think of something supremely creative. I really do have fun posts and fabulous pictures on the way. First there was our trip to Alcatraz, which was really interesting and allowed for […]

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Still alive

Tweet I have some awesome pictures from our trip to Alcatraz, but you can’t see them quite yet. It’s 11:30, a crazy busy day is coming to an end, and my boyfriend is patiently waiting for me to get off the computer so that he can discuss Michael Jackson’s death with his friends over MSN […]

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A little pathetic

Tweet I’m on vacation. I’m supposed to be sleeping late and enjoying the pollution-free air. Unfortunately, I seem to have picked up a bit of a cold, probably as a result of burning the candle at all possible ends in my quest to pack as much as possible into these two weeks. I started sniffling […]

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