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Fuzzy head

Tweet So I more or less suck as a blogger the past few days. Sorry about that minor detail. But the thing is that I’m trying to avoid turning this into the great Chilean wedding blog, and honestly, unless you want to hear about work wedding planning is all I’ve got these days. We’re close […]

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Having a civil wedding in Chile

Tweet …may be harder than I thought. Or perhaps I shouldn’t say harder, just “more difficult to explain.” Here, unlike in the US, you can’t just get a marriage license and then have your priest/rabbi/friend of choice who did an online course to get certified marry you in a ceremony. You have to have a […]

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The run-down

Tweet In a move that will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me in real life, I’ve already started in on serious wedding planning. It’s not that I’m a bridezilla, but I’m an organized (some would say anal) person who knows what she likes (synonym: OCD control freak) who is getting married […]

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