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Why living abroad makes you better at your job

Tweet I feel like I’ve read plenty of support for why living abroad makes you a better employee. Usually people play up the horizon-broadening, creativity-building qualities that often come with living in a foreign country. Those are of course great attributes that can be applied in the workplace. But the other day I realized another […]

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Tweet I know this is going to sound a bit broken record-like, but wow. Work is kicking my ass lately. I’m helping to organize an event that will take place next week, so I’m hoping it will chill the eff out after that because I don’t know if I can keep up this break-neck pace […]

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Birthday weekend

Tweet I have had a fabulous birthday weekend. And when you consider what happened this time last year (this, which led to this and this), it just gets even better. It’s late, and I have been charged with taking Lola out since my handball champion fiance is busy icing his knee, so for now just […]

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