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Finding a job in Chile

Tweet Believe it or not, I do actually receive e-mails at the handy dandy e-mail address posted to the right. I’ve gotten the occasional one that’s totally out of left field, but plenty come from other gringos who are thinking of making the big move down to Santiago or another part of Chile and have […]

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Dear motivation, I miss you

Tweet I’ve been having some serious trouble motivating to train for this damn Nike 10k in October. I write about it far more than I actually run, which is indicative of a problem. I read Fned’s post about doing a race and felt momentarily inspired, and today my friend Jenny’s post about completing a triathlon […]

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Group post: my worst transportation story

Tweet In general, I’ve been pretty lucky with transportation so far. No missed planes and only one missed bus come to mind, and in general I tend to cry for help or consult a map before I get too horrendously lost. I do remember once taking the wrong bus in Santiago on my way back […]

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