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Sometimes I still have bad Chile days

Tweet Lately, I haven’t had many problems that I’ve directly attributed to Chile. Overall, while I do have moments of frustration that are due to cultures smashing up against each other, I tend to think of it as a difference of opinion rather than a flat-out error on Chile’s part. Yesterday, however, we had a […]

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The new routine

Tweet I finally went to the doctor about my ankle today, and though I still need the results of my x-rays and have to go back for an ecografia (which I cannot for the life of me remember how to say in English…do they still call it a sonogram if it’s not for a baby? […]

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Three things I’ll never get used to in Chile

Tweet Cherrye Moore is a fellow expat who lives in Calabria, Italy. We’ve never met, but we both write for, where she posted three things that she’ll never get used to in Italy. Number two is pretty shocking, if you ask me. Her post got me thinking. You see, I’ve come to a point […]

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