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Group post: How to Alienate Chileans

Tweet Margaret got this particular group post started, and it’s funny to see what little things seem to upset your average Chilean. Of course, while I’m serious that the following tend to garner unfavorable reactions, the list isn’t itself intended to be serious. Here are a few funny things that seem to stress out Chileans. […]

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Education in Chile

Tweet There’s a little bit of debate going on here and here about education in Chile. Rodolfo and I talk about this a lot, and although I feel that education is better where I am from (meaning the specific part of the Bay Area where I grew up, not the entire US), I don’t have […]

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Office Olympics!

Tweet Thursday was BY FAR the best day of my professional life thus far. My company organized Olympics at a huge parcela (big open space often with barbecue, pool, areas for soccer plus usually a house or building with bathrooms, space to eat, etc) on the outskirts of Santiago. SO FUN. My company is pretty […]

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