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Christmas recap

Tweet Christmas this year was kind of hard for me, and I don’t honestly know why. I’m not a big Christmas person, and I like all of Rodolfo’s extended family. I think it might just be that I miss holidays in California. We spent last Christmas in England with my dad, which was great, but […]

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Tweet This weekend we headed south to spend Christmas with Rodolfo’s extended family. There’s no internet at his abuelita’s house, and although I do have a Blackberry, I didn’t blog or respond to most of my e-mails. There was also no possibility of doing any work, which took the little voice that says “intsead of […]

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The final result

Tweet I can’t decide whether it’s a good or a bad sign that Rodolfo asked me last night if I wanted him to take pictures of my completed cookie plates. Good because duh, of course I did, but bad because that’s a sign that my transformation into a blogging nerd is pretty much complete. Anyway, […]

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