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Closed for the summer

Tweet You can definitely tell when it’s summer in Santiago. Traffic’s lighter, the metro’s emptier, and all the news reports are showing packed beach towns. In the same way that France and Italy clear out during the warmer months, summer’s pretty quiet here. Most people take their summer vacations in February, which I understand. What […]

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All in the family

Tweet Kyle’s post about how Chileans view vacation reminded me of a post idea I’d had last week. Of course with the upcoming wedding, my dad and Jane will be coming to Santiago yet again. This marks their third joint trip, and they’ve met Rodolfo’s parents plenty of times. They’ve even met some uncles and […]

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Micro vs. metro

Tweet Public transportation in Santiago consists of two main options: micros (say mee-crow) and the metro. Micros are intracity buses – the word “bus” is only used to refer to buses that take you to other cities. Your Bip! card, so enthusiastically named for the sound it makes when you swipe it to get on […]

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