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Off the radar

Tweet I’m not sure quite what I’ve been up to lately. I mean, there was the random bout of stomach pain (food poisoning?) that kept me out of commission on Sunday, but other than that, it’s not as though I’ve been rushed off my feet busy without a second to blog. And yet somehow, I […]

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Girl time

Tweet Whew, Friday. This week has felt long, for some reason, and I’m very happy to see the weekend. And not just because we’re going to the zoo on Sunday to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. That said, it hasn’t been too shabby. The highlight was definitely Tuesday night. Some friends and I were talking last […]

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Wedding recap: getting ready

Tweet While the girls were starting the primping, the boys were doing nothing. Because they’re boys, and they don’t need to start at 3pm for a 7:45 event. By the time we ladies got to the venue, however, two of the groomsmen and Rodolfo had started getting dressed at our apartment. This is the moment […]

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