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Tweet As I mentioned, we took home another dog last week. We were on our nightly walk with Lola, when this puppy came bounding up to us. Lola isn’t mean, but she’s also not the kind of dog that just loves every person and animal out there – she’s a little selective about who she […]

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More of the crazy

Tweet So, remember how on Sunday night I was all gung-ho “must fix property taxes” and that was basically my plan for the week? Along with blogging Curic√≥ pictures, of course. Ha. Hahahaha. Neither of those things has happened. Because Monday came, and on Monday and Tuesday I managed to work a total of 24 […]

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Country mouse vs. city mouse

Tweet We’ve just come home from a long weekend in Curic√≥. Technically it’s a city, but compared to the hustle and bustle of Santiago it feels like a sleepy little village. The air is fresher, the streets quieter, and the pace of life a whole lot slower. I came home not only well-fed and well-rested […]

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