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The next mundial

Tweet This weekend – which included a day off today, thank you Saint Something-or-other – has not been the best for my teams in the World Cup. The US tried hard but couldn’t make it, which is a damn sight more than can be said for England (disallowed goal notwithstanding) who never seemed to care […]

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What happened to the wine

Tweet Based on our experiences, I would not recommend buying your wine from Falabella if there’s any chance of a natural disaster occurring at any point – and since that chance, however slight, always exists, I would just suggest that you never buy the drinks for your wedding at Falabella. As part of their registry […]

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Good hair

Tweet It’s rainy and cold and gross today. I’ve had a bunch of work and what so far appears to be a rather major setback in my visa process, although my fingers are crossed that tomorrow will be a brighter day on all counts. That said, despite the rain, my hair is straight. This is […]

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