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The downside

Tweet I have a great life in Santiago. I think that over this blog’s lifespan of two and a half years, as I’ve gotten more used to Chile and established more of a life for myself, the general tone around here has shifted from mostly posts about how the little things drive me crazy to […]

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Reunion weekend 2010

Tweet This past weekend marked the third annual UCLA reunion weekend for my friends and me. The past two years, this event has taken place in our old stomping grounds of LA, but this year since people were already coming out for Rodolfo and my reception on Saturday, we decided to move the festivities to […]

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Now THIS is vacation

Tweet Woke up late. Read a book by the pool. Hung out with my dad. Ate barbecued steak followed by ice cream. Planned a trip to the aquarium later this week. Ahhhhhhh.

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