Press pause

This past week has FLOWN. My time in California is always to short, but adding planning this wedding reception to the usual schedule plus a few more additional things has made every day just packed. Which explains why I’m up at 1am when we have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow (today) in order to get to Oakland with time to set up and get ourselves ready. Luckily I know that all the stress will have been worth it as soon as our guests arrive and we get the chance to see so many people all in one place and on one trip. Already tonight we were up in SF – yes, up in SF tonight, back down the Peninsula and then to Oakland tomorrow, my car is getting its fair share of quality time on this trip – with some of my best friends from college. We wandered into a good restaurant in Chinatown and had so much fun catching up and laughing at stupid stuff. Tomorrow night UCLA reunion weekend 2010 continues with our attack on the San Francisco bars, so although I may need a long nap come Sunday, it promises to be a great weekend.

I am, however, looking forward to taking it a little easier in this next week. Just hanging out with my dad and Jane, sitting by the pool, doing nothing…all that sounds pretty good right about now. Luckily by having totally packed this week with the shopping and the errands, we’ve left space for all of those things in the days that are left. And now, as I’m practically falling asleep writing this and still have to pack my bag for tomorrow’s overnight up in the City, a little relaxation sounds pretty wonderful.

3 Responses to “Press pause”

  1. Kyle says:

    I feel like having a wedding reception is a good way to get to see all your friends that you normally might not have time to.

    I should try that :)

  2. diane says:

    at last!

    after two years of being your faithful but silent blog follower, i am finally de-lurking.

    it was absolutely wonderful to see you today!

    we love you and your sweet rodolfo to the moon and back.

    thanks for a lovely celebration.


  3. Andi says:

    I'm dying to see pics! Congrats again!!!!!!

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