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Jelly Belly in Chile!

Tweet A relative works for Jelly Belly back in CA and let me in on some big news: Jelly Bellies are now being sold in Chile! They’re all kinds of delicious, so here’s where you can find your very own taste of home here in Santiago. Supermarkets (100g Bags and 150g Flip Top Boxes in […]

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Tweet A while ago, Rodolfo taught me the word yeta. You probably won’t find it in your English-Spanish dictionary, but in Chile at least it’s that kind of bad luck you just can’t shake. The opposite of the Midas touch, when you andas con yeta everything you touch seems to turn to crap. Today, for […]

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Sponsored education

Tweet The other day, at a work event, I was chatting with a group of women. One mentioned that her daughter was going through puberty and went on to explain that luckily, the girl is totally prepared for the changes that are on their way thanks to Donnasept. This hardly seems noteworthy when you consider […]

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