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Oh dear.

Tweet This week has been a busy one, and as I type this it’s 11 on Friday night, and I’ve just finished work. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that I stopped working from 6-9 so that I could come home and kiss Rodolfo and Lola before we all left for our […]

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Obesity in Chile

Tweet Being from the US, I’m very familiar with the obesity epidemic and the fact that more and more people are getting fatter and fatter. Being from an upper middle class area of the Bay Area and having spent my college years in between Bel Air and Beverly Hills at UCLA, I personally haven’t see […]

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Travel: Aruba, day 2

Tweet On our first full day in Aruba, we decided to take it easy. First up, breakfast. The Bucuti has a yummy buffet breakfast with different hot options including an omelet bar and plenty of fruit, cereals, bread and pastries. I noticed several kinds of doughnuts but no chocolate and asked if they happened to […]

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