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Special request

Tweet I have a HUGE favor to ask. It’s one of those “big help to me, 5 seconds to you” kind of things, so I’m hoping we can come to some kind of agreement where you accept my eternal gratitude in exchange for your help. Sound good? Kiwi Collection, an awesome luxury hotel site that […]

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Vino, wine, vin, yum

Tweet Last week, I got invited to the launch of Hotel Atton El Bosque’s wine dispenser thanks to Max, the man behind AndesWines. I was pretty excited – getting invited just about anywhere is quite a nice feeling, and getting invited somewhere that you are promised wine is a VERY nice feeling. I have to […]

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Tweet Tonight we’re having our annual Thanksgiving feast. I’ve got mashed potatoes ready, stuffing in the oven and rolls rising, and the various other invitees will be rounding out the menu with their contributions. Tonight we’ll be 16 people between Rodolfo and me, my in-laws, my host family and assorted friends – a good-sized group. […]

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