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Family ties

Tweet I have been laughing at my in-laws for the past couple of days. Not in a mean way, you understand. It’s just that they were in Curic√≥ with family since my mother-in-law is off from work. They came home this week to take care of Lola. The friend who’s been taking her out every […]

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Child’s play

Tweet After spending over 4 years total living in Santiago, I’ve got most things about Chilean culture reasonably well figured out. I speak the language like a Chilean – very little gringa accent, great vocabulary. I apologize for tooting my own horn, but it’s true (proof of vocab here, accent testing unavailable through typed words). […]

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The barrio

Tweet Lola and I just went for a walk to pick up sushi, and once again I found myself thinking how much I love my barrio. Barrio means neighborhood, and just like in English, the word doesn’t simply refer to a physical location. It evokes the vibe of a place, the neighbors and local businesses, […]

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