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Malbec tasting with Andes Wines

Tweet An embarrassingly long time ago (think last year), Max of Andes Wines invited me to participate in a Malbec tasting. I immediately accepted, but not for the reason you’d imagine. Truth be told, I don’t really like Malbec. Apparently my taste buds are broken because Malbec is all. the. rage. and everyone I know […]

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Photo update

Tweet I’ve got two quick things to say, both of which have to do with photos. The first is that if you want a fun photo by your name when you comment, you can make that happen with Gravatar. The photo you choose will show up wherever you have to enter your email address to […]

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Need vs. luxury

Tweet A few days ago, I got involved in a debate in a group of expat women over what is a need vs. what is a luxury. The phrase that started all this was: “nowadays, a nana (housekeeper) is a need, not a luxury.” My eyes about rolled out of my head. In Chile, domestic […]

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