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Saturday in Santiago: Ciudad Vieja

Tweet When asked about my hobbies as an adult, I used to find myself stumped. Hobbies were seemingly handed to me from elementary school through college, but once out in the real world I found myself in a country where lacrosse doesn’t exist, I had no idea where to find a non-religious choir, and the […]

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Sunday in San Telmo

Tweet Despite yet another late night at the wedding – I don’t know what it is, but something about Buenos Aires seems to make me capable of functioning on a ridiculously low amount of sleep – we were up bright and early Sunday morning to make the most of our last day in Buenos Aires. […]

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A morning in La Boca and a Buenos Aires wedding

Tweet With Andi’s wedding set for Saturday evening, we had just enough time to head down to La Boca before we needed to get dolled up for the main event. This area of Buenos Aires was originally settled by Genoese immigrants who brought their tradition of using leftover ship paint to paint houses with them. […]

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