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Learning to love traveling

Tweet I took my first international flight at 6 weeks old, so I can’t remember a time I haven’t had travel in my blood. In fact, I often blame my parents for the pull I felt toward Latin America considering they met on a flight within Central America while my mom was living in Guatemala. […]

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Saturday in Santiago: snow on the Andes

Tweet I hate winter everywhere, but especially in Santiago. I won’t put you through the whole rant again, but for anyone who’s new I will leave it at freezing temperatures and no central heating. Add in some dampness and do the math as to why I am an unhappy camper as I sit bundled in […]

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My 10 packing rituals

Tweet Subtitle: 10 reasons to make you think I’m certifiably insane. I’m a frequent enough traveler that I have a routine. I don’t pack in advance ever, even though half the time I’m traveling to another hemisphere where the weather is opposite of whatever it is in Chile, and I really could pack up all […]

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