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Saturday in Santiago: Fiesta del Vino

Tweet Continuing in the “things I photographed and forgot to blog” vein, this weekend I’m finally going to tell you about one of my favorite events in Santiago: the Fiesta del Vino in Pirque. We’ve been three times now, with both my family and Rodolfo’s, and it’s already on the calendar for next year. Well, […]

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Christmas in July

Tweet The past few Christmases have been spent here in Chile. I don’t feel like I’ve been slighted – we’ve still seen my family plenty and been to the US at least once a year, and it’s just worked out that it’s made sense to stay put for December – but there’s still nothing like […]

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Purén indómito

Tweet Indomitable Purén. The small town of Purén in Chile’s Araucanía Region doesn’t exactly scream “indomitable” when you first see it. It looks like many relatively sleepy towns in regiones – the catch-all term used to refer to anywhere in the regions outside Santiago’s Región Metropolitana. There’s a central plaza, some small stores, and not […]

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