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Saturday in Santiago: Soul of India

Tweet For my birthday dinner on Tuesday, Rodolfo managed to get out of handball practice to take me out to dinner. My only request was that we go somewhere new, and he suggested Soul of India. Considering that I’m basically counting down the days until we’re back in England and can eat delicious curries all […]

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Brain dump

Tweet I have plenty of things to say on topics related to Chile/expat life/travel which, in case you’re new or just highly unobservant, is where this blog is kind of focused. However, I can’t write even remotely intelligently about any of those things right now. Case in point: I first wrote “write now.” God help […]

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So I’m turning 26 tomorrow

Tweet There is no good title for this post. I kept wanting to go with quarter century, or quarter life crisis, or something about moving from the first half of my 20s to the second, but all that stuff happened last year. I guess from here on out I’ve just got to twiddle my thumbs […]

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