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The best of all Chilean holidays

Tweet I think my last post made it abundantly clear just why dieciocho is so fab. Food, drink and cool entertainment? Yes, I’ll happily take a day off work for that, thank you. That’s why, despite thinking we’d had our fonda fun at the festival we went to on Saturday, when Rodolfo suggested visiting a second fonda on […]

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Celebrating Chile at Parque Intercomunal

Tweet September 18th is the big national holiday here in Chile, and one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by visiting Parque Intercomunal. Well technically, it’s called Parque Padre Hurtado now, but old habits die hard, and everyone still calls it Intercomunal. You know, just like I never stopped calling it Candlestick Park through […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Empanadas from Café Bokato

Tweet As September draws to a close (can you believe it?), it’s time for the last installment of my series on empanadas in Santiago. For this last round, I went to Café Bokato, somewhere we haven’t been in a while. When we first discovered their empanadas, we were obsessed. They were near enough to walk […]

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