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Nerding out at the British Museum

Tweet I’m a pretty self-confident person, so I have no problem admitting that some of the things I like might be on the less cool side. For example, when I went to Greece as a college student, sure, I partied on Mykonos. But I also dragged one of my best friends around all the ruins […]

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A visit to the Churchill War Rooms

Tweet After a nice walk through some of London’s most famous sights, we made our way to the Churchill War Rooms. This museum comprises two separate but connected parts: the original Cabinet war rooms designed to keep the government functioning during the Blitz and a museum dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England […]

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A white Christmas

Tweet Sadly it looks like we won’t have one this year. It’s been practically balmy the past couple days, with temperatures in the 50s, and the rain that poured down yesterday was nowhere near freezing into fluffy snowflakes. Christmas in Chile still feels a bit strange with it being summer, so when I get the […]

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