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A day at the seaside in northern Wales

Tweet One of the highlights of the location of my dad’s house in England is the fact that it allows me to say that on our last full day in England, we popped over to Wales. You know, just popping to another country for a couple hours, no big deal. Popping is a bit harder […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Piscina Antilén

Tweet The only time I’ve ever been to a public pool is when I was a child vacationing in the South of France. Yes, I am aware of how that sentence makes me sound. But, until last weekend, it was true. I grew up in a part of California where it was normal that many […]

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One night in Harrogate

Tweet First things first. That sponsored guest post yesterday: sorry if you hated it, but we’re doing that for a while. I love writerly integrity, but I love money more. I do however promise to draw the line somewhere before posts about fake Rolexes and Viagra. Anyway. In blog-time I’m still in England, having just […]

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