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When you think of spa hotels, you usually imagine them to be in Mediterranean resorts, the Californian coast or the sun-kissed shores of Brazil. However, spa breaks can be enjoyed in some of the most unlikely locations. We have listed six spas in the most unexpected locations where you might seek to book last minute spa days.


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Galos Caves, USA: Located in the perennially gridlocked city that is Chicago, these salt caves are an ideal place to relax. All you have to do to receive treatment at Galos Caves is breathe in, as the salt in the air is high enough to help improve respiratory and digestive problems. Soothing background music is played in the caves to enhance the treatment.

Chiang Mai Prison Spa, Thailand: This spa’s name may sound dodgy, but in actual fact, the staff here are female ex-prisoners who as part of their rehabilitation have spent over 200 hours training in the art of massage. Chiang Mai is recognised as offering one of the most affordable spa treatments in the world.

Beer Baths, Czech Republic: Famed for its beer, the Czech Republic is home to the surprisingly therapeutic Beer Baths. The treatment on offer here is spending time in a bath of hot beer, which is strangely relaxing, especially with all the bubbles entering every contour of your body. Once you’re done, you get a free beer at the end of your treatment.

Caudalie Spa, France: If you can have a beer bath, then surely wine-based therapy can’t be far around the corner. Caudalie Spa offers Vinotherapy, where the grapes on offer are supposedly helpful in slimming down. With the picturesque skyline of Bordeaux in view, it’s very easy to feel totally relaxed, particularly with natural hot springs on site.

Lime Spa, Maldives: A spa in the Maldives might not sound so weird, but the Lime Spa is underwater. Its location allows users to get treatment while gazing upon the tropical sea life, giving you a completely different, but no less compelling view of the Maldives.

Anesis Spa, England: Fish play a big part in the treatment on offer in this London-based spa too, but rather than being part of the view, they actually perform the therapy themselves. Based on a treatment favoured in the Middle East, Garra Rufa rish eat the dead skin from the feet of visitors, reflecting how they survive in the wild by eating the dead scales from larger fish.

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