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Hiking in the Andes mountains

Tweet I apparently give the impression that I do not camp. I can see what that would be – I like creature comforts, and I do not like dirt. So I understand why Rodolfo’s high school friends had a note of doubt in their voices when they asked if I might be into a day […]

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Guest post: The London experience: where to go and what to do in the capital

Tweet The tourist destination of choice for over 14 million people worldwide, London has plenty to offer for visitors. Accommodation such as Marlin apartments Canary Wharf provides an excellent place to stay. However, when you’ve sorted out short term accommodation, London has so much to offer, so finding the first place to visit is always […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Parque Bicentenario

Tweet When you have a dog, you tend to become familiar with nearby parks and plazas. You might even get to know some not-so-nearby parks if they’re worth the trip. Parque Bicentenario in Vitacura certainly is. This park – surprisingly enough intended to celebrate Chile’s bicentennial – has been open for several years now with […]

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