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The problem with hotels in Iquique

Tweet Let me preface this by saying that I’m not delusional. I know just how big my blog is both objectively and relative to others – I am a tiny little goldfish in this travel community pond. But survey says that I have some of the best readers around in terms of you guys sticking […]

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The perfect Chilean beach

Tweet Yup, I went there. I think Playa Cavancha in Iquique is definitely in the running for the perfect Chilean beach. It’s a big claim, so give me a second to back it up. It’s not the most tropical, remote, take your breath away beach in Chile. But that to me doesn’t necessarily make for […]

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I’m on a boat!

Tweet When I researched things to do in Iquique, one super touristy thing stuck out: a boat ride around the harbor. I’ve seen these tours offered in Valpara√≠so but never succumbed, always assuming they would be relatively uninteresting and uncomfortable. But something about being farther from home and feeling more like I was officially on […]

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