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Colorful eats in a colorful city

Tweet I’m sure it will not surprise long-time readers to hear that the first thing I did when planning my weekend in Valparaíso was ask for restaurant recommendations. What can I say, I like good food! As it turned out, our meals had a theme: color. We ate at both Color Café and SaborColor, names […]

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Walking the hills of Valparaíso

Tweet Much of Valparaíso’s charm revolves around its brightly colored houses stacked somewhat haphazardly on its many hills, hence the parallels people draw between Valpo and San Francisco. Unfortunately the two cities also share a climate: the dreaded “marine layer,” also known as fog. Grey clouds tone down even the loudest home paint jobs, and […]

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A peace offering

Tweet I realize I’ve been a bit silent lately. I’m in California and trying to find that ever-elusive expat balance. I think I’ve actually done a decent job so far, despite a few changes of plan and far too many trips to the mall. However juggling work, errands, friends, family and rest (ha, what rest?) […]

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