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Coming up on Emily in Chile

Tweet You guys. There are exciting things going on over here in the Emily in Chile world (including, but not limited to, talking about myself in the third person). Now, don’t get any ideas. I haven’t won the lottery, and I’m not sure that these things are exciting to anyone but me. But I still […]

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Giveaway: UnoTelly DirectDNS

Tweet I am weirdly non-technological about certain things. I can work my way around some basic HTML, but until recently I couldn’t use an iPhone (because there is no obvious “back” button I’d end up frantically hitting the home button to get away from the super zoomed-in photo I’d gotten myself stuck on). In that […]

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Saturday in Santiago: Serendipity Deli

Tweet There’s something about 3-day weekends that makes me want to luxuriate in the freedom of an extra 24 hours. Simply getting to sleep in on Monday is special enough, but the addition of a holiday makes me want to do something to soak up every last second of it. Enter Serendipity Deli. I’d heard […]

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